ABC News Documentaries

ABC News Documentaries

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More people get their news from ABC News than from any other source. ABC News delivers a big picture understanding of the world to inspire, empower and connect with viewers. ABC News Documentaries on Hulu will unveil the best documentary originals and exclusive content - exploring provocative topics that define our life and times from around the nation and the globe.  These fresh and fascinating looks inside different worlds and cultures can only be brought to you by ABC News' worldwide news gathering power, using its unparalleled access, credibility, and creative resources. With its unrivaled, powerful storytelling combined with compelling visuals, these original documentaries will spark both debate and insight.  Bringing the trust of ABC News to users and backed by award-winning journalism, now the stories users are interested in the most are available when and where they want it. ABC News continues to lead the charge in the search for truth and entertainment by creating highly engaging experiences for viewers with its premium non-fiction news and programming.

Genre: Documentaries, News and Information


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