Entre Caníbales

Entre Caníbales

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Ariana is a young woman, born in a small town, who now returns to the city determined to take revenge on some men who brutally raped her 20 years ago. Her plan seems to collapse when she discovers that her suspects work for the present town mayor, Rafael Valmora, who also happens to be running for president. But, far from giving up, she will soon infiltrate into their party and start to identify her attackers. She will draw up different plans, to carry out a perfect revenge on each one of them. Only two persons will, at times, make her hesitate: Diego, the son she had as a consequence of the rape, with whom she feels the need to get along despite the fact he reminds her of the worst moment of her past, and Agustin Larralde, an idealistic government official she will hopelessly fall in love with.


Full episodes unavailable.

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