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I Spy

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I Spy is an American television secret agent action adventure series about a pair of American agents facing espionage adventures with skill, humor and ingenuity, which aired on NBC from 1965 to 1968. The show was created by Morton Fine and starred Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. Totaling 82 episodes in 3 seasons, the show broke ground for being the first American television drama to feature an African American actor (Bill Cosby) in one of the lead roles. The series was also unique in that star Robert Culp routinely wrote, and sometimes directed, episodes of the show. Bill Cosby won three Emmy Awards for his role as the wise and witty Rhodes Scholar-secret agent Alexander Scott. The show was a huge international hit that piggybacked off of the success of the James Bond film series. Series was shot all across the world, lending an air of realism unmatched in shows of the era. Episodes revolve around Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott traveling around the world in their profession as agents for the United States government. Their business is serious with no fancy gadgets or flashy villains; Kelly and Scotty are more apt to battle industrial spies and Cold War agents than megalomaniacal would-be world dominators. As their cover, Robinson travels the professional tennis circuit with Scott as his trainer.


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