Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher

73 Episodes Available

In the popular Monster Rancher competition, a young boy named Genki wins the final and becomes the champion.One day after school, Genki finds a Monster Rancher 200X CD-ROM delivered to his home. It is the grand prize he has won in the Monster Rancher competition. Genki begins to play the new game and at the very moment he tries to generate a monster, he finds himself transported into the Monster Rancher world. In the Monster Rancher world, a girl named Holly and an eye-ball shaped monster Suezo are in the midst of escaping from the evil monsters that are pursuing them. All of a sudden, Genki appears in front of Holly and Suezo. Not sure what happened, Genki, Holly and Suezo, escape together from the grasp of these evil monsters. Soon Genki realizes that he is in the Monster Rancher world. He is thrilled and excited. On the other hand, Holly is sad as she has learned that the unidentified monster named Moo has conquered the world and is plotting to turn all monsters into evil monsters. Only the Phoenix, which is sleeping in a special Disc, can bring them back to good. Holly, determined to find this Phoenix, sets out on a mission in search of the Disc. Then, Holly discovers that Genki has a Monster Rancher CD-ROM in his possession and becomes very excited. This could very well be the Disc of the Phoenix! They arrive at the altar of the shrine where the monsters are generated. They set down the CD-ROM and watch with amazement the birth of... a cute monster name Mocchi. Much to their dismay, the evil monster troops capture Genki, Holly and Suezo. . But when they attempt to catch Mocchi, he cries out so loud ? that all the monsters scatter.Genki quickly uses his roller blades to rescue Holly, Suezo and Mocchi.Their exciting and adventurous journey in search of the Phoenix Disc has begun!

Genre: Anime


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