The Sandhamn Murders

The Sandhamn Murders

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Sunny summer days on Sandhamn; some kids are playing hide-and-seek in the woods, when suddenly a scream cuts through the summer idyll. One of the kids has made a macabre find: a decaying arm in a plastic bag. Detective inspector Thomas Andreasson and his colleague, Mia Holmgren, from the Nacka Police Department lead the investigation, and they discover connections between the body part and an 18-year-old girl who went missing last year. They have to re-examine that investigation as they are now dealing with a murder case. The body part is sent off for forensic analysis; perhaps there is important DNA trace. Thomas contacts Nora, who apologizes for not staying in touch – the divorce from Henrik was harder than she had expected, but it is now finalized and she is happy to see Thomas again. She is glad to help any way she can. Thomas and Mia map the girl’s closest friends and there’s a jealous boyfriend with a police record, for a reported assault. The girl’s stepfather also shows up on Sandhamn on his boat, lacking an alibi for the time of the disappearance. They also canvas the island for more body parts, but discover that someone has been there before them to dig something up. With Nora’s help, they also find a torched boathouse. Is this where the body was dismembered? Before long, another girl goes missing on the island. Police and volunteers search for the missing girl; her bike is found lying on a rock and many fear the worst. Has she also been murdered? Is there a connection between the two girls? The boyfriend comes into focus, as he has dated both of the girls. Is jealousy the motive? Or revenge? Police search computers and cellphones, which lead to a gym in the city. Is the guy at the gym involved in the disappearance of the two girls?


Full episodes unavailable.

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